What is a PMP Certification?

Project Management Professional certification is a certification that verifies an IT professionals ability to be a successful project manager. The exam process is considered rigorous by many but the time spent preparing for, and taking the exam will be well rewarded. A PMP training class is often the best way to accomplish your certification. Employers are aware of the experience and effort needed to pass the Project Management certification exam and reward their employees accordingly.

Training for the PMP Certification Exam

The certification exam is given by the Project Management Institute which is a global organization that boasts chapters in nearly every country in the world. The exam for Project Management certification is currently designed for individuals who have completed a college degree program and have 4,500 hours of project management experience that was gained continuously within 36 consecutive months. The experience cannot have been gained more than five years before the actual exam. The certification exam is also available to individuals who are already project managers that have worked 7,500 hours for 60 months within the last eight years. Regardless of whether or not the individual is a college graduate or an experienced project manager they must participate in a 35 hour PMP training class before taking the exam.

The PMP Application Process

Individuals that meet the requirements must first send an application to the Project Management Institute before even being allowed to take the exam. Once the Project Management Institute has verified the eligibility of the applicant the four hour, 200 question exam can be taken. The Project Management Certification exam is difficult with only a current passing rate of 60%. In spite of these odds more than 100,000 individuals have successfully taken the exam with thousands more in some part of the application process.

Is training for the PMP Certification worth the time and effort?

Why do thousands of individuals struggle with the exam and bother with the application process? They struggle because of the enormous rewards that await them. First of all individuals that have been certified by the Project Management Institute are known to have a 75% success rate. Secondly, employers that understand the prestige associated with the program often offer newly certified employees raises and promotions.

To learn more about PMP training visit web pages like the Academy of Computer Education’s PMP Training Class. For more information on Project Management check out the American Management Association’s Handbook of Project Management .

Project Management Certification gives Project Managers a unique opportunity to improve their chances for advancement within their company. With dedication and determination the experience many Project Managers have can be turned into a well recognized certification that can help an IT specialist for years to come.